Introducing our NEW roll off driver!

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Meet our NEW KT’s Disposal roll off driver

Our new Roll Off Driver, Jeromy Bell, has been an essential addition to the team.

Even though we are the newest part of the Tidewater Express Inc corporate family of companies, KT’s Disposal has made a huge impact in the community and around the office! This starts with the newest member of the team, our new Roll Off Driver Jeromy Bell. The first thing you need to know about Jeromy is that he love trucks! Jeromy is a Virginia native, who spent some time living in Chattanooga, TN couldn’t stay away, he is now back in VA and is now the newest KT’s truck driver.

Jeromy comes to KT’s with over twenty-five years of over the road semi-truck driving experience. Jeromy’s talented driving skills and love of trucks has him fitting in perfectly with the Tidewater Express Inc crew. In fact, Robin Shuffler one of the senior truck drivers for TEI, was helping out KT’s with a pickup of a container the other day and commented that it took some serious skill to place it. That about sums up Jeromy!! He has fit into the dumpster and garbage removal truck business seamlessly.  We are super happy that he is part of our team.

roll off driver
Jeromy around the office.
Sharon, Savannah & Jeromy
garbage removal
The KT’s Disposal Crew!


Check out some of Jeromy’s quotes to our KT’s Disposal team member Q&A….


  • Favorite part of working for KT’s Disposal?
    • I like the people that I work with. I hear that the common answer is “we are like a family”, but as the new guy that’s really what I see from both KT’s and Tidewater Express. Also, being around all of these trucks is a plus. I love trucks!
  • Biggest challenge you have faced?
    • So, back in January of 2020 I suffered a stroke. I lost the use of the entire left side of my body. I am left-handed. I was told to expect a 1 to 1.5 year recovery…in August of 2020, just seven months later, I was ready to get back to work and passed – with flying colors – the medical examiner requirements from Virginia in order to get my CDL license back current. You could say I have some determination!
  • Favorite music artist/band or song?
    • Luke Combs
  • Favorite pizza topping?
    • Nope. I don’t do pizza. If it’s not a steak or a burger, I’m not interested!

Jeromy is the latest addition to the KT’s Disposal team. He joins Savannah, who you may recognize from a Meet The Tidewater Team from the TEI Facebook page, and Sharon. Sharon, who works for TEI in the accounting department, is a former co-owner of KT’s Disposal. Most of you are already familiar with Sharon, she has been instrumental in the ownership transition and training of the new KT’s Disposal staff. We got her in some promo photos for this post…hopefully soon, we can get her to stop long enough to sit down with us to answer some questions!

In the meantime, if you have any dumpster, garbage disposal or recycling pick up needs keep KT’s Disposal in mind. We have a wide range of sizes of open air dumpster to suite any residential, industrial or commercial refuse needs. KT’s Disposal can be reached at 757-723-5811 OR at the main TEI number 757-723-1214 extension 4.